Various activities are carried out under the project theme Creation of
An Affluent Future Society in Symbiosis with the Environment.

Birdhouse Exhibition
New themes are determined every two years for which artists and designers from all over the world are asked to submit their Birdhouses.
The exhibitions are held mainly in public facilities with support provided by respective local authorities.
Local artists, designers and students are urged to participate. Concepts regarding the future of our environment are grasped through the creation of Birdhouses.

Educational Activities
Talks on the Birdhouse Project activities and featured works are given at local universities and vocational schools to promote the concern over the future of our environment.

Support for Students' Works
Activities for Birdhouses by Students are fully supported and supervised. This involves joint work among various educational institutions worldwide and not merely the submission of works for display. An effort is made to create an inter-school network with a common prospective.


Network of Environmentally Managed Corporations
Birdhouse works made using recycled paper are sold to corporate participants and the collected money is used effectively for environmental protection activities. The creation of a network among environmentally managed corporations is also attempted with the aim of promoting joint RD projects for developing new environmental products and techniques.

Erection of Birdhouse Works
Birdhouse Works are erected at public and corporate premises to represent environmental management contributions by specific concerns.

Environmental Information
Activities by participation environmental groups are introduced in the Birdhouse HP and the Birdhouse Exhibition.